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$8,000 Grand Prix Race Game

$8,000 Grand Prix Race Game

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  • Description
    In this game up to 4 players can race the cars as drivers. The remaining players become spectators and can place bets on the race. Generally, several races will be run with both the drivers and spectators having the opportunity of winning money. These roles may swap each race. The winner is the person who has accumulated the most money over a racing season as a driver/spectator. For 2 to 12 players. Contents include a game board with a generic racing track, instructions, a betting card, 4 plastic race cars (red, white, blue and yellow) and 60 plastic coins (15 each of red, white, blue and yellow). - BoardGameGeek
  • Details
    Ages: 0 and up
    Category: Racing
    Designer: (Uncredited)
    Players: 2 to 12
    Product Title: $8, 000 Grand Prix Race Game
    Publisher: PlayJoy Products
    Time: 90 minutes
    Year: 0
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