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Dragon Ball Super - Rise of the Unison Warrior Booster Box - 2nd Edition

Dragon Ball Super - Rise of the Unison Warrior Booster Box - 2nd Edition

Available Wednesday, September 15 2021
Near Mint, 12 left
CAD$ 114.99
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    Unison Warriors are powerful allies you can summon to fight alongside your leader, and they've emergecl from every dimension! The Dragon Ball Super Card game enters a whole new Series! The Commemerable Series 10 will be powered up into, Unison Warrior Series! Featuring Goku & Bardock, Goku & Goku Black and many more! You can determine the ultimate dream pairing of warriors! Many characters will make their. Dragon Ball Super Card Game debut! Amazing new strategies will emerge, with Unison Warriors set to power up both new and old leaders! Players will love exploring new combinations and unlocking the full potential power of previously released sets! New Card Type "Unison Card" Debut! For the first time in DBSCG history, a new card type makes its debut! Played from the hand like a "second leader card", this card has powerful skills and will be sure to turn the tide of battle! Summon a mighty warrior from another dimension and fight with your two leaders! SR Card in Every Display Box! As a promotion for the first Unison Warrior Series, each display box features 1 random SR card from the UW Series! Specifications Total cards in set: 292 Cards per pack: 12 Rarity: • Common: 60 (normal / foil version) • Uncommon: 38 (normal / foil version) • Rare: 30 (normal / foil version) • Super Rare: 23 (normal / foil version) • Special Rare: 10 (normal / foil version) • Secret Rare: 3 (normal / foil version)

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