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  • CAD$ 149.99 New
    A swift Tyranids force, suited to Boarding Action games or expanding your army Infest space hulks with a Broodlord leading versatile alien infantry Contains 15 multipart plastic miniatures, and s... read more

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  • CAD$ 69.99 New
    Book 2 in the Arks of Omen series Angron, Daemon Primarch of the World Eaters, leads a vast fleet to claim a prize from the Malak System New ways to play Boarding Actions, including new missions ... read more

    1 In Stock
  • CAD$ 114.99 New
    A Space Marines force in a box, perfect for Boarding Action games Storm space hulks with a Gravis-clad Captain leading a balanced force of Primaris infantry Contains 16 multipart plastic miniatur... read more

    1 In Stock
  • CAD$ 67.99 New
    Frenzied Troops for World Eaters armies, or bloody Elites for Chaos Space Marines Builds 10 Khorne Berzerkers wielding an assortment of chainblades and pistols Customise your squad with a choice ... read more

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  • CAD$ 174.99 New
    The monstrous Daemon Primarch of Khorne, a legendary Lords of War choice to lead your World Eaters army Can be built with two head options and a suit of twisted Nucerian warplate Tear apart enemi... read more

    1 In Stock
  • CAD$ 164.99 New
    That’s right – he’s back! Even without the not-so-subtle effects of his dais’ obeisance generators, it would be difficult to resist kneeling before the sheer majesty of the Silent King. Szarekh is ... read more

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  • CAD$ 29.99 New

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  • CAD$ 42.99 New

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